Desert Island lures

These are the lures I would take if I only had 3 choices of styles and types.


A double hookup, one on a popper the other a diver.

The first are my favourites for catching big Bream. They have worked all around the country but have been used mostly on Black/ Yellowfin Bream in NSW.

Surface Lures

Surface lures for Bream

I prefer the darker colours for luring bream especially in clear water, however Ive added a few lighter ones for water thats dirtier.

From top to bottom they are

1: Strikepro

2: Sugarpen

3: Stiffy

4: Ecogear

They have been chosen because of ease of casting, action on the water, their floating characteristics and their strength.

Only one is a cup faced popper, the others are sliders and have a more subtle approach. This is often needed in places that have seen lots of lures cast to fish.

The Sugarpen and Ecogear are stupidly priced so if you are not into spending big on a lure that may get bitten off by a half kilo Tailor then go for the Stiffy.

Hard body divers/sinkers

Casting as long a distance as possible is important for bream, they are put off feeding even by the slightest hint of a boat or shadow. These lures cast well in any wind, dive quickly and stay there for the whole retrieve. The Stiffy at the top needs to be tuned now and again but is great over weedbeds whilst the sinking Blade is used in any depth and accounts for the fish that have moved down deep. The Rapala is slow sinking enabling the lure to be twitched amongst snags or close to rock faces.

Hard body divers and sinking lures.

Soft Plastics.

All the rage recently, soft plastics are still very useful, the scent that some are drenched in makes them more like a bait than a lure in the purest form, but its mostly semantics.

Soft Plastics.

On an average day without a strong current running I use the lightest possible jighead, 1/16 being the average weight, but when its running at more than a few knots I’ll up that to a 1/8th head. I still catch big bream on these if its worked slowly without any violent jerks of the rod tip.

Top is a Berkley Powerbait with a 1/8 weight, then a Ecogear grubtail, then a fairly unusual one called a Helgies, its enticing action is pretty much irrisistable.

A 41cm Bream from Cowan Waters on a diver.

Some lures have been well worth the purchase, this little diver is still catching fish after being chewed to bits, bream can really knock lures around.

Beaten up by Bream.


Sinking soft plastics can cover more water depths and are generally more versatile, but if I had a choice Id go for the hybrid soft plastic /hard body lures. The best of these is unfortunately not made anymore, the River to Sea lure has caught many good fish for me now and Im reluctant to use them any more as they are near retirement.

Jewfish Lures.