Colourful lives of fish.

We tend to think fish don’t live very interesting lives, Id argue that it’s not true, how many Jewfish have had dramatic battles with wiley octopus and how patient bream may have been when stalking crabs and carefully dug for creatures in the sand. They lead dynamic busy lives and we shouldn’t forget this, it’sContinue reading “Colourful lives of fish.”

Lure technique in shallow water

Most of the rivers I fish in on the north coast are shallow, so shallow that on low tide it possible to walk across them without getting your belt wet. The quality fish still hunt and feed here, most of the bigger fish will hole up in the deeper sections and catch their food inContinue reading “Lure technique in shallow water”

Bush fires, do they affect fish?

Fires in the distance, north NSW. It’s been a devastating year for fires in NSW, living in Bellingen which usually has a high rainfall quota, it’s pretty rare to be fearful of encroaching flames, not lately though. Fires like these were last seen in the 50s and 60s, not right across the state though. AContinue reading “Bush fires, do they affect fish?”